Saturday, 7 January 2012

NOTD- 8.01.12 - Purples

Heey Guys!!

This is going to be a short and quick blog post because my internet is acting up!
I find it really weird when the internet stops working and then it says it will try find the solution online.!? (If i could do one eyebrow up and one down I would)

Anyway , enough of that. I decided it was time to do another NOTD because I haven't done one in a while and  it's Winter. It is however , a coincidence that it is Avon again. I think warm colors are important for Winter so I feel this color should do the trick.

Avon Nailwear Nail Enamal-Decadence

I got mine in the shade - Decadence. As you can see the front has faded off due to wear and tear ,perhaps?.  I find this polish to be relatively sheer, although it only took me two generous applications to achieve the opacity I was looking for. It dries incredibly fast, before I was finished my second hand the first was already dry. I didn't apply a top- coat so I can test it's durance to chipping, because it has been a while since I've worn it. 

It took me about 4 minutes to do this in total, (rushing) and i was satisfied with the results. My apologies as the application is a bit sloppy.

Here we go..

This color is very intense and leaves a shiny wet look. There is a hint of shimmer apparent as well. It has an even consistency which is a major plus. I have it a long time and yet it still isn't sticky or messy. It retails for approximately £1.99. I will include the link of where you can purchase this , if you would like.

Over all I would recommend this polish, it's quick to apply and quick to dry and it also it quite a good bargain.

Let me know what you think of this polish.:)

Talk soon :)


  1. That's a pretty shade! The pigmentation looks great as well.. This reminds me.. I need to go paint my nails today too!

  2. Thank you :D that's great :) well it's still on today and not chipped either , I have no top coat on. That's a good idea , I'd love to see that !

  3. Hi dear
    Thanks for your comment
    Love the color

    Kiss kiss.*Jo