Saturday, 19 April 2014

Urban Decay Electric Palette *Review*

Hey everyone :)
It's been far too long since I made a post , my apologies .

So I recently bought urban decay's electric palette. 

I have to say I absolutely love urban decay's palettes as they are so pigmented. I purchased this palette in debenhams (I live in Ireland) for €45.
If you do not live in Ireland you can purchase this online (amazon, debenhams ,sephora) . This palette in particular is a pressed pigments palette, which means !!! You can put this bad boy everywhere !! Well - in your hair, on your nails and lips (so basically everywhere) 

I've done a few looks when I was playing with this amaze -balls palette & what I noticed is, even without primer it stays on for AGES!! Genuinely. I even have a hard time getting it off , which is great. They are super pigmented which I love. 


It's a bit of a mess since I've used it. (Oops),Anyhoo there's 10 neon colours in there in total and a mixture between shimmers & mattes. I've also done a swatch for you guys. These swatches are  without primer. 
(Top Row)

(Bottom Row)

Ooooo look at it! Just look at it! Isn't it a beauty ...

Tutorial with this palette ---->Electric Palette
What way would you mix the colours? Do you think the price is reasonable for what you get ? & would you get it again? 


  1. I just love how bright the colours are! This set looks so great.

  2. Thanks for you're message! It's such an amazing palette, I feel like a child ha

  3. You should try Younique 3D FiberLashes and Younique Pigments.

    1. I checked out you're site :) There's no option for Ireland ?