Sunday, 1 December 2013

Finished my weight loss journey

Hey guys !!

It's been ages since I made a post, (so sorry about that) but I noticed the last thing I was talking about was losing weight. So in the end I lost over 7 stone which is over 98 pounds for those of you who live in a country that deals with pounds :) 

It took me about 9 -10months to lose the weight initially and  My GOD is it hard to keep the weight off, I did gain some weight back an leveled off. I'll show you a before and after picture for those of you who are any way near as nosey as I am haha I joke :) 

The larger me is the before and the latter, is the after . And I did not wear a bikini in the end because the weight loss happening so fast resulted in me needing to tone quite a lot of skin if you know what I mean. So that's the update I have for that :)

Goodnight :)