Monday, 20 February 2012

Week 4 *Weigh In*

Helllo guys! Hope everyone is having a good week?

I got weighed on Saturday again. I didn't go mad on the exercise last week, I only did two days.
I've been lucky on this diet so far, although I did go to a retirement party on Friday night, it was difficult to not give into temptation, however the weigh in proved that not giving in , in fact , paid off.

So this week i  lost 3.73 pounds. Which means the total weight loss for this month was 1 stone and 6 pounds ( 1 1/2 stones) or as most countries know it as 20 pounds. I'm really happy with the results. I know the first month is meant to be the highest number of weight loss but i'm not complaining. If anyone is on a weight loss journey, i'd like to hear how you find it? any advice to give !

Talk again soon

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Week 3 *Weigh In*

Heya again!!

So i got weighed yesterday , yet again!
I was a bit disappointed with this weigh in. I know a person is not meant to lose a substantial amount each week, but, since I am eating the shakes and doing a lot of exercise , i thought the number lost would be higher. However, I am happy that i did lose something, I think that's the main thing really, aslong as i didn't put anything on.

This week, I did the zumba class (which got a lot harder), I went swimming and I  also took part in aqua aerobics again.

So here is the results for this week.

I lost 2.43 pounds.

I know most people want to know what weight i must have started on and i will inform you further into the programme.

Is anyone else on a diet? Did it work for you? How was keeping the weight of?

I'd love to know!!

Talk soon

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Week 2 *Weigh In*

Hi Guys! I am going to keep this short and sweet as I am very busy with college lately.

This week I started doing exercise three days of the week. I went swimming, did aqua aerobics and also started Zumba. 

I was shocked with the results as people lose more weight the first week than the second but as I said before , I seem to be backwards. 

I lost 7.7 pounds this week. So in total I have lost about 1 stone.

This week I am going to try do exercise 3 days this week again and not up it to 4 because I will most likely burn out. I am also going to take the stairs instead of the lift , walk to the shop instead of driving etc. 

Hopefully I will have good news next week too!
My goal is to be skinny by July.

Have a lovely week