Sunday, 20 April 2014

My F.O.T.D / E.O.T.D -Easter Surprise

Well good afternoon guys,

So here's the overall look. 

  • So firstly I prepped , primed my face & put foundation on it .

  • Then I primed my lids with urban decay's primer lotion. 
  • To give the defined line , I used scotch tape (Sellotape) on the side of my eyes  & I applied Urban Decay's -Slowburn from the electric palette all over my lids. 
  • I used Creep from Urban Decay's Naked Palette and gave a cut crease affect to my crease and began to blend upwards . 
  • I then applied the same shade to my outer V.
  •  I used the shade Toxic from Urban Decay's Vice 2 and blended it above my crease in a wind wiper motion. 
  • Then it was time to apply maybelline's gel liner to give that winged liner look . I lined my water line and applied mascara . 
  • To give more definition to the look I used eyelure eyelashes and To top it all off I used the shade Thrash from Urban Decay's Electric Palette.
After my eyes were done , I removed the tape , and voila!! That defined line your hand just can't create (or at least mine can't )

Now,  after all that drama is over, I concealed , highlighted and contoured my shapeless face. I need to sculpt nearly everywhere, but that's just me. The blush I used was m.a.c  

I lined my lips with a drugstore nude lip liner, I'm not quite sure the name of the shade but anything will do. For my lips I didn't use lipstick. I mixed Slowburn again with a clear gloss and put it all over my lips. If you read my Urban Decay's Electric Palette review, you'll know that you can apply the shades to your lips, hair and nails. Go check the review out at --> Urban Decay's Electric Palette 

 And you'll end up with .. 

Let me know if that was helpful of if you'd rather a pictorial. I hope you liked
The look :) 

Until next time..

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Urban Decay Electric Palette *Review*

Hey everyone :)
It's been far too long since I made a post , my apologies .

So I recently bought urban decay's electric palette. 

I have to say I absolutely love urban decay's palettes as they are so pigmented. I purchased this palette in debenhams (I live in Ireland) for €45.
If you do not live in Ireland you can purchase this online (amazon, debenhams ,sephora) . This palette in particular is a pressed pigments palette, which means !!! You can put this bad boy everywhere !! Well - in your hair, on your nails and lips (so basically everywhere) 

I've done a few looks when I was playing with this amaze -balls palette & what I noticed is, even without primer it stays on for AGES!! Genuinely. I even have a hard time getting it off , which is great. They are super pigmented which I love. 


It's a bit of a mess since I've used it. (Oops),Anyhoo there's 10 neon colours in there in total and a mixture between shimmers & mattes. I've also done a swatch for you guys. These swatches are  without primer. 
(Top Row)

(Bottom Row)

Ooooo look at it! Just look at it! Isn't it a beauty ...

Tutorial with this palette ---->Electric Palette
What way would you mix the colours? Do you think the price is reasonable for what you get ? & would you get it again?