Wednesday, 4 January 2012

EOTD-Urban Decay Naked Palette Tutorial

Hellooo guys!! How are we today?

Okay first of all, the quality of pictures on my camera seemed much  better than how they turned out on the computer!! I'm not sure how to fix it , but i'll figure it out sometime. Hopefully you'll get the idea from the photos. Here is how they turned out .. 

I also have a photo of what it looks like when my eyes are opened .(I have hooded eyes so it may be difficult to see).

Anyway , that's how it turned out! This was after going out for a few hours as well. I am not quite sure you can see due to the quality. In order to achieve this eye look, I used a white shadow from Avon's Smokey Eye Quad  on the brow bone as a highlight. I then used    
Urban Decay's Naked Palette (the first palette, not the newest one) for the rest of the look.

  • I used the  Urban Decay Primer Potion on the lid to prep them-prevents shadows from creasing & it helps the shadows stay on longer (definitely works!!).
  • I actually applied scotch tape (sellotape-that's what we call it in Ireland) to the side of my eyes - to give the shape at the outer V and to stop it from falling all over my face which I can't help but do.
  • Then I used Sin from the palette on the lid as base - to make the colors more vibrant  & stand out more.
  • Hmmm... Then! I applied Half Baked to the lid and worked it right in to the inner corner.
  • Next, I used a random drugstore liquid eye liner(Not sure the name , i just needed the felt tip brushed ones) from the middle of the eye all the way out to the outer V and blended like hell!!.
  • Lastly, I used Creep on the outer V and crease and blended like there was no tomorrow and dragged it under the eye to open them up. ( my eyes are small & hooded).

I think that's everything,? 

If i forgot something to mention let me know. What do you think? If you can see it haha

Talk soon :D


  1. Thank you :) I've to fix the camera though :)

  2. Oh I would love to be able to do something like this but I can't, I'm a disaster with makeup

    Kiss kiss.*Jo