Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Color trends for this Winter 2012 (Trendsetting)

Hey Guys and Gals!! Usually, every winter we deal with mostly neutral colors. However, this Winter is different. It seems that a lot of designers are using more  
stand-outish colors, vibrant tones. It is a lot more conspicuous and very distinct. I think this season is more of a daredevil approach.- and i like it !! Do you?

 Beautiful teal chic dresses

The colors- Teal, taupe, reds,purples, golds and shimmers/glitters are more prominent this season.

As always neutrals remain popular at this time!!
winter 2012 collection from several designers (neutrals)

I am not so sure if the hairstyle "balayage" hairstyle will remain "in" as they say. I hope it does because I think it looks elegant , stylish and classy at the same time. But i'll talk about hairstyles in my next blog.:)
Anyway, heeled Boots and prints seem to be dominating the scene as well. (We've got choices)

The brighter hues can be seen everywhere in many combinations .(Sooo many)
I searched google to try find a good example of the vibrant combinations, and the best one i could find is below.

Winter has some great looks in store for us. A lot to choose from. 
Hope you enjoyed this & decide to follow me.

Talk soon you guys!!


Disclaimer:These pictures are not mine, i got them on google and www.millionlooks.com


  1. Nice post! Yeah, I associate Fall and Winter as times to wear neutral colors, so I'm sort of surprised it's all bright! Very different. I like :)

  2. Thank you, So do I? Well there's neutrals in there too :) Thanks Huda :)